The Method

The Method

What Is Canine Communication?

Canine Communication is a non-confrontational, stress-free, gadget-free method that is achievable by anyone who has an open mind and respect for their dog.

It focuses on the root cause of any displayed behaviour rather than the symptom.

By making small, simple adjustments to your lifestyle, you can communicate with your dog in a calm manner that they will understand and before you know it your relationship with your dog will be transformed.

Canine Communication was developed after inspiration was taken from the original Horse Whisperer Monty Roberts. It was realised that if humans can communicate with horses in a way that appeals to their nature, then surely the same can be done with dogs. After many years of studying interactions within wild wolf packs and a canine’s psychological needs, the method we now know as Canine Communication was born.

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Exciting New Self-Guided Online Course

Why Is My Dog Doing This?

A course designed to give you the facts and knowledge behind the method of Canine Communication, so that you can truly understand how it works and recognise why symptomatic training methods aren't a long term solution.


No force or dominance No stress No gadgets Works with any age Works with any breed Positive Learning Only

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