What Should I Expect?

1-2-1 consultations are conducted in the comfort of your own home. This is done for two reasons, so there is no stress put on yourself or the dog and because we are then able to observe how the dog behaves in its own environment.

We offer two types of consultation which are listed below.

On assessment of your application we will advise you on which we believe, in our expert opinion, is the best option for you to achieve the desired results for you and your dog. There is no obligation to go with our recommendation.

Full Tutorial Consultations:

Full tutorial consultations will teach you the whole method of Canine Communication, covering all aspects, giving you a full toolkit of knowledge and information to enable you to tackle any behavioural issue your dog might have now or in the future. You will receive a full multimedia tutorial in Canine Communication and we will endeavour to answer any questions that you have.

Issue Focused Tutorial Consultations:

Issue focused tutorial consultations will teach you the aspect of Canine Communication which is directly linked to the behaviour your dog currently has. This will give you the knowledge and information you need to enable you to tackle this behavioural issue. You will receive a multimedia tutorial in the area of Canine Communication that is directly linked to your dogs current issue. We will endeavour to answer any questions that you have.

Please be aware some behaviours will require a multi aspect focused approach to correct, therefore a recommendation of a Full Tutorial Consultation may be made.

The aim of a consultation is to provide you, the owner, with the tools and knowledge you will need to enable you to work with your dog in a way it will understand and instinctually react to. This will be done using the rules set out by Canine Communication and will leave your dogs free of stress and anxiety, allowing them to relax.

If you follow the method we teach you 100% and consistently, your dog’s behaviour will improve of its own free will.

All consultations are presented in a multimedia format, as we understand people learn in different ways.

Following your consultation, there will be a 2 week follow up phone call to see how you are getting on and to answer any questions that you may have thought of.

As part of the consultation fee, you will receive a lifetime back-up phone and email service. This means that you can call or email us any time after your consultation, whether it’s days, weeks, months or even years. We will always be here to answer questions and give you extra guidance if needed.

We do not offer follow up home visits, as this is not necessary. You will learn everything you need in the initial home consultation and all help after this can be given over the phone or via email.

Please be aware if you opted for an Issue Focused Tutorial Consultation, you may need another consultation in the future to teach you other aspects of Canine Communication, if a different behaviour occurs and you decide you would like our help again.

If you would like to book a consultation, please click the “Apply Now” button.

For all other enquiries, please click the “General Enquiries” button.

Full Tutorial

£ 175 + mileage
  • One off payment
  • Mileage = 45p per mile

Issue Focused Tutorial

£ 90 + mileage
  • One off payment
  • Mileage = 45p per mile


£ 45
  • Required upon booking
  • Non refundable
Mileage charge applies outside of the circled radius (click to enlarge)

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Exciting New Self-Guided Online Course

Why Is My Dog Doing This?

A course designed to give you the facts and knowledge behind the method of Canine Communication, so that you can truly understand how it works and recognise why symptomatic training methods aren't a long term solution.