About Us

About Us

Who Are We?

Waggle Dogs was founded in 2019 and has since been helping owners and their dogs live stress free, fulfilled lives in Kent and Sussex.

We believe that no dog is untrainable and that with nothing more than an open mind, patience and kindness, the full potential of the relationship between humans and canines, which is one of the most special inter-species relationships in our world, can be unlocked and enjoyed by all. We also think that all dogs deserve an enjoyable, natural life and being able to use their instincts while out and about is a key part to this.

As an owner we know that you want nothing more than your dog to be happy, but sometimes other commitments or health difficulties get in the way and sadly the dog becomes less of a priority.

Our goal as a business is to aid and enhance as many human and canine lives as possible by helping out where possible and making sure your dog is always receiving its daily needs.

If you participate in one of our consultations, you may need to make a few small lifestyle changes.

We understand that many people are sceptical about change, but we guarantee that once you have your mind opened to Canine Communication, you will have no hesitation in implementing everything you learn.

We are non-judgemental as we understand that in life, what we would like to do and what we are able to do are not always the same thing.

So if you have been looking for that extra helping or guiding hand that we all need sometimes, look no further.

Get in contact today and let us change your and your canine companion’s lives for the better.



Rob is our resident consultant. Having seen Canine Communication in action first hand, Rob decided to enrol on the 'Foundation Course in Canine Communication'. He was so overwhelmed at how fascinating a dog's psychology is, he wanted to further his knowledge. He took part in the 'Advanced Course in Canine Communication' where he demonstrated the understanding needed to be invited onto the Graduate course. Having completed the Graduate course, Rob now is a certified Canine Behaviour Consultant and is qualified to deliver one to one tutorials in Canine Communication.